Cursos de kite para niños

Cursos de kite en Matas Blancas with Matas Bay Surf and KiteschoolKitekurse 5 Minuten von der Costa Calma entfernt

Kids (from 45KG / 10 Y.) 3h €150 (valid in 2017)

1 kid per teacher

Kitesurfing is a sport for the whole family, so why don´t involve the kids and share the fun experience together? That´s why we have developed a special course for the kids. The only requirement is that the kid is at least 45KG and 10 years, we´re keeping safety in mind!

The kite equipment is very light and easy to handle. The same counts for setting up the kite, it doesn´t require much man-power.

Kids needs a different training program in comparison with adults. The private instructor is only focused on the kid. This way of teaching allows us to secure a safe and fun environment in which the kid learn to kitesurf.

The private teacher will tailor the lesson according to the kid needs. Our experience is that kids usually lose their concentration quickly. That´s why we made the theory section of the course a bit shorter and more figurative. The exercises are done in a playful way.