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His energy, the sea

No one knows better to ensure a good atomsphere in the center of Tarajalejo. Learn with Victor all the fun the sea offers in his windsurfing courses, snorkeling or fishing trips. His nautic titles and his experience at the sea will assure you great moments in his activities. His biggest passions are windsurfing and bodyboarding  which he practices since childhood. After 10 years leading the station of one of the biggest windsurf schools in Europe, and due to his experience, he will give you the best advices of how to sail good and safe in the ocean.


Victor is from Gran Canaria and started the company in the year 2007.

Imagen Team

Dancing with the wind

The youngest of the team, he comes from Italy and speaks already 5 languages. As a VDWS oficial instructor he teaches windsurfing, catamaran sailing and surfing (fcs). Fascinated by watersports, he made from his passion, his profession. After years of experience in Italy at windsurf, surfing and sailing center, he will teach you the basics of these sports. In his free time he looks mostly for the wind, waves and the best conditions for sailing.

Imagen Team


Suse participated in the Freestyle category at the 2003 windsurf world championship in Fuerteventura and finished in 7th place.

15 years ago she fell in love with the island and changed her residence in Münster (Germany) to Fuerteventura.

Suse is an oficial windsurf and catamaran instructor licensed by VDWS, and was one of the founders of the company. Nowadays she is responsible of the contabilty, store and reservations, and currently still trains windsurfing.

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I´m the new here at the team / at the Shop on the Costa Calma i advise our guests on the spot or on the phone for excursions and courses. I Come from Germany (between Stuttgart and the Lake of Konstanz) and give me a small time out from the boring office job 9 to 5 and the bad
Weather at home. Almost 4 years ago on my big journey through
India, Indonesia (Bali), New Zealand, Australia, etc. I found my
Passion for waveriding and I´m also like mostly every kind of
Action sports such as wake- and snowboarding, skating, cycling, climbing and i just try to compine this with my work here
at Watersports on Fuerteventura.

Imagen Team

From The Netherlands and doing her internship in the shop. Here she will help you with bookings and questions. In my free time I like to go to the beach or practice windsurf and surf. After this adventure it's time to explore the rest of the world! My biggest dream is to combine work and travel!